i hate it how guys can sleep with lots of people and can enjoy sex and its okay for the boy to be having sex
but like girls are shamed for sleeping with people and made to feel guilty for enjoying sex and also told that its okay for boys to have it but they cant

felldowntoearthforyou: J-law's nudes leaked?!


Anonymous: What happend to jen law??

her nudes got leaked :((

Anonymous: Does scott not have an insta

yeah he does but he doesnt really post x

Anonymous: omg no i dont mean straight away, i mean like maybe a day later or like around the time theyd probs b stalking FB/Instagram etc

ahh yeah sure 😂

Anonymous: how on earth do you not know who lorde is, have you been living under a rock for all of last summer

ive heard of her but dont know her music, sorry :/